Justin Bieber with Stanley Cup — Blackhawks Fans PISSED … Because It’s the Cup

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Justin Bieber is bringing sports fans together … IN OUTRAGE — because he dared to pose with Lord Stanley”s trophy in the Chicago Blackhawks locker room!!!

A “Hawks exec tweeted the pic last night of JB touching the Stanley Cup — arguably the most revered trophy in sports — with a customized Bieber jersey in the background.

The response was immediate … and angry:
– If I see one more picture of bieber touching the cup I might just cut my own jugular #embarrassing

– And this is why I will kick the crap out of Justin Bieber! You do not touch the cup! You don”t deserve to touch it!

– Bieber takin a pic w the cup and gettin a personalized blackhawks jersey is complete garbage. Where did your bruins flat brim go
That last one refers to the night we spotted Bieber in a Boston Bruins cap … right before they started playing the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Listen, Chicago … just be glad he didn”t pee in it.