Justin Bieber — What’s Bong With This Picture?

Bonging News 0905_justin_bieber_car_bong_photos_main
Justin Bieber may — or may not — have pulled a major stoner faux pas in Calabasas yesterday … “cause someone inside the singer”s van dumped BONG WATER on the side of the road.


It”s unclear WHOSE HAND is attached to the bong … but we do know it”s Bieber”s ride. He”s been toolin” around L.A. in the pimped out Mercedes party van all week long.

Here”s what we know … the bong dumper is definitely NOT Lil Za or Lil Twist … “cause, well … the hand is white. Duh. 

We”re also told the van was en route to Jim Henson Studios … and later that day, JB snapped a photo of himself inside a record studio.

Still, since there are no shots of the bong dumper”s face … it”s impossible to tell if the perp is Bieber … or one of Bieber”s white friends.

Actually, does Bieber even have white friends anymore Hmmmmm …