Justin Bieber — Underage Clubbin’ in NYC


Justin Bieber broke out his finest party tank top and hit the NYC club scene HARD last night — rollin” to 3 hot spots in a matter of hours … problem is, he”s not 21.

Cameras rolled as Bieber and his posse rolled into Avenue nightclub (where Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched a gypsy) … then to Marquee … followed by 1 Oak (where Kim and Kanye spent NYE).

Here”s the issue … we checked into the age requirements to hit the different venues and we found  Marquee had advertised that Wednesday was a 21+ night.

Bieber is only 19.


It”s possible Marquee has a license to allow minors into the venue … and they CHOSE to make it a 21+ night, which would mean no laws were broken.  We”re checking into that …

Ditto for Avenue … which also advertised Wednesday as a 21+ evening.


As for 1 Oak — we”re diggin” on that.

We called and emailed Marquee for a comment — so far, no word back.