Justin Bieber Tweets Frustration With Tabloids

Justin Bieber Tweets Frustration With Tabloids

His public perception has suffered as a result of the myriad reports of his misconduct this year, and Justin Bieber has had enough of the gossip columns.

Earlier today (July 2) the As Long As You Love Me singer took to his Twitter account to make known his feelings on the situation.

Bieber wrote, Interesting how some people in the media wanna take shots at me for no reason. all good. keeping it positive over here. all about the music.

[We] got OKC tonight. held 200 tickets for students from some of the schools recently destroyed. hope they enjoy the show.

Justin added, Some decisions in life arent easy but nothing great was ever easy. be great. [In] life you gotta know who you are. know your heart. love the people that love you. and be kind. be GREAT! #wwjd.