Justin Bieber Took a Paternity Test – But Kept His Clothes On

Justin Bieber was none too happy about a fan”s recent paternity suit, but he recognizes that those kinds of hassles are just part of being a worldwide celebrity.

“It”s pretty crazy. People make up false accusations. It”s gonna happen, being in the spotlight,” Bieber, 17, said Tuesday on CBS”s Late Show with David Letterman.

Letterman commiserated with Bieber, saying he “saw red” when he heard about the accusations, adding: “I could smell a weasel.”

Bieber”s reply “I can smell a weasel, too.”

Bieber also confirmed on the show that he took a paternity test to prove he isn”t the father of Mariah Yeater”s baby. Asked what the test involved, Bieber said the doctors just swabbed his mouth.

“Is there disrobing” Letterman asked jokingly. Bieber replied: “No, no, I don”t think so!”