Justin Bieber Takes to the Skies for "#FilmFridays"

Justin Bieber Takes to the Skies for

Hitting fans with another “#FilmFridays,” teen pop sensation Justin Bieber wore a pair of wings, flying high in the latest clip from his upcoming flick, “Believe.”

With the fans screaming and crying, the 19-year-old took flight on metal wings, gliding over a sparkling sea of cell phone flash lights, and looking completely relaxed.

The “Biebs” moved slowly over his audience, moving with grace toward a glowing green circle on stage. Before he stuck his landing, however, the video clip cut to a blank screen, sporting the phrase, “#Perspective.”

Finally, the clip flashes “#BELIEVEMOVIE” before giving way to an announcement that the “Baby” singer”s movie hits theaters on Christmas Day. Stay linked to GossipCenter as we follow Justin Bieber and his Film Fridays!