Justin Bieber takes bikini snaps of Selena Gomez on Mexico beach

It’s good to be Justin Bieber.

Not only does he make a reporter $5 million a month at the age of 17, he has a cutie pie, almost as famous as he is, girlfriend, Selena Gomez, to spend all his money with!

The two are in Mexico this week for a friend’s wedding and took off Wednesday to relax on the beach in Cabo, during which Bieber took the opportunity to snap several photos of Gomez.

Reps for the couple, who are celebrating their one-year anniversary, also took the opportunity to shoot down rumors the two were engaged after Gomez was spotted with a ring on her ring finger.

“There is no ring and no engagement,” Bieber’s rep told E! News, to which Gomez’s rep concurred: ”She’s NOT engaged.”

Bieber’s recent possible paternity woes also seem to be receding into the distance.

Sources close to Bieber told the New York Post they doubt Mariah Yeater, who dropped the bombshell claim in November that Bieber was the father of her 4-month-old baby, will have her child tested to see if he is Bieber’s baby.

Bieber has already taken his paternity test.

Yeater, 21, dropped her lawsuit, but hired a new lawyer who said the matter would proceed.

Bieber told David Letterman, “I think I can smell a weasel, too, a little bit . . . I know, it’s pretty crazy . . . People make up false accusations.”