Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez s Families Should Be Delighted They Are Dating!

A new report claims Justin Bieber’s family is freaking that he and Selena Gomez are moving too fast, too soon. But I say, they should be thanking their lucky stars he’s dating the lovely Selena!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Here’s the deal: Justin Bieber could be dating ANY young woman or multiples of young women for as long as or short as he would like right now.

If he wanted to see five different girls a night — he could. Millions of teen girls and women in their 20s are throwing themselves at him.

When it comes to the female sex — the world is Justin Bieber’s oyster. Yet a new report in Star magazine says that Justin’s family worries that the young couple is moving too fast. “They spend way too much time together, they’re on the phone talking for hours and hours. And each call ends with professions of love, need and desire”, says a source reportedly close to the family.

That’s why it is so commendable of him, to not be caught up in the power that he could have over young women — multiples of young women — and to want to have a real deep, loving relationship with one special young lady, that he has so much in common with.

Justin’s parents — Patti Mallette and Jeremy Bieber –should be congratulating themselves on raising such a fine young man who isn’t just gifted musically but who has strong moral values and is charitable and religious.

But it’s because he has great values that he doesn’t just want fleeting meaningless relationships with young women. He wants a deeper connection with a girlfriend and he has found that with Selena Gomez.

Listen — as parents, you have to be careful what you wish for. Justin could have gotten involved with a Mariah Yeater type or types.

What more could you hope for than that he would love a Selena Gomez, who understands his world, because she has also grown-up as a child singing star. And besides that she is mature, has terrific values, is religious, responsible, caring, gentle, a good friend AND she’s beautiful and hardworking.

The fact that she is in the same world as Justin means the two can understand each others’ issues and pressures. Plus, she’s not starstruck so she can be on equal footing with Justin.

Furthermore, they both grew up as the sole children of single moms and now both have much younger siblings — well, at least Selena’s mom is now expecting one, Justin already has two.

How much more in common could they have?

Listen, I understand that you might be concerned that they will get engaged, married or pregnant at too young an age.  That’s a normal parent concern especially when you yourselves became parents in your teens.

But Justin and Selena seem very sensible even if they are madly in love. And it is totally normal for people of any age to want to spend tons of time together and be on the phone with the one they love — especially when the love affair is still in its first couple of years.

But look how happy they are together. Justin calls Selena, “perfectly perfect,” “a blessing,” “my little honey bee,” and more.

Let him be happy. Don’t try and intervene and tear them apart. That will not go over well and will only hurt your own close relationship.

Either this pair will continue to grow and grow up together. One day, they may get engaged.

Or more likely, the relationship will eventually run its course and hopefully they will remain great friends.

In any case — Selena and Justin’s families should be warm and welcoming to their teens’ loved ones . You’ll be glad you were!