Justin Bieber — Photog Lawyers Up … I Want My Stuff Back!

Exclusive 0617_bieber_doc_launch

Justin Bieber is being warned — return the SIM card you allegedly stole from a paparazzo in Miami … or else!!!

our sources has learned … Gustavo Garces has lawyered up and fired off a letter to Bieber”s manager — demanding the immediate return of the memory card that Bieber took on June 5 … after the singer allegedly ordered his goons to steal Gustavo”s camera.

We obtained an audio recording of the incident in which Bieber can clearly be heard copping to the theft — and telling Gustavo, “I”m gonna give you your camera back. I”m gonna take your SIM card though.”

Now, Gustavo”s lawyer has fired off a letter to Bieber”s manager informing Team Bieber that he plans on filing a lawsuit … and he needs the SIM card as evidence in the case.

Garces also warns Bieber not to tamper with the card — because there are “dire consequences” for messing with evidence.

Bieber”s people had no comment.