Justin Bieber: New Sin City Squeeze?

Justin Bieber: New Sin City Squeeze?

Hes not exactly great at being subtle, and Justin Bieber was reportedly caught getting cozy with a waitress in Las Vegas earlier this month.

According to E! News, the One Less Lonely Girl singer took a liking to a lovely lady named Jordan Ozuna and he asked her to join him on his trip to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

An insider told E!, “In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses.”

“Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.”

Later, Justin was occasionally putting his hands around her waist, [giving her] a couple quick kisses. He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell.”