Justin Bieber — Lil Twist on Chopping Block After Battery Allegation

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Justin Bieber
“s manager Scooter Braun is sick and tired of Lil Twist bringing Bieber down — in fact, he wants Bieber to sever ties with the rapper entirely once and for all … but Bieber is STILL fighting to keep him around.

As we reported, Twist has been accused of battering some girl at Bieber”s Calabasas mansion Thursday morning — but it”s only the latest example of Twist”s reckless behavior … a list that includes smoking pot, driving like a lunatic, and getting a DUI.

Bieber has refused to turn his back on Twist once already — but Scooter has had enough, telling Bieber the battery allegations are the last straw.

We”re told Scooter is putting his foot down, insisting Twist is nothing but a parasite sucking Bieber dry — and the singer needs to drop him like a hot potato stat … before he does any more damage.

But stupidly, Bieber is still sticking by his buddy — in fact, we”re told he and Scooter had a blowout fight on Thursday when Scooter said Twist had to go.

Which means Twist”s days are numbered — because in a fight between Scooter and Twist, Bieber will almost certainly side with his trusted manager. He”d be dumb not to. Then again, dumb has kinda been Bieber”s M.O. recently.