Justin Bieber — I WON’T Turn My Back on Lil Twist, Lil Za

Exclusive 0711_justin_biebr_lil_za_lil_twist_article_house_tmzJustin Bieber refuses to throw Lil Za and Lil Twist out on the street … even after all of the trouble they”ve caused … because he considers them “true friends” … our sources has learned.

Sources close to Bieber tell our sources … members of Justin”s camp have been pleading with him to boot the Lils out of his Calabasas home and forbid them from driving his fleet of fancy cars after a string of embarrassing incidents including Twist”s DUI arrest in JB”s car.

We”re told Bieber”s camp has been very concerned about the way he acts when he”s with the Lil crew — and have been vocal that the guys are a bad influence.

Why Weedsizzurpneighborhood warspissing in publicanti-Clintonism … and of course, Twist”s DUI arrest.  The Lils had a role in all of that stuff … and people close to Beiber want it to stop.

But despite the warnings, Justin is pushing back HARD … claiming he would never turn his back on his boys, because that”s not what friends do.

Plus, one source says Justin”s been surrounded by adults for most of his life — and now that he finally has a group of close friends that are his age, the last thing he wants to do is push them away.

Bottom line — get used to Za and Twist … they”re not going anywhere.