Justin Bieber — I Put a Roof Over My Family’s Head … In Canada

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Justin Bieber“s dad is living in a pretty badass Canadian home … along with his two kids … but our sources has learned, JB is the one who sprung for the place.

Sources connected to the Bieber family tell us … Justin wants to make sure his half-brother and half-sister are living in a really nice home, so he shelled out a cool $850k in cash for a 5-bedroom cabin-style pad in Ontario, where they live with their dad.

We”re told … this isn”t a case of the family sponging off of Justin — it”s Justin who made the offer to the family.

The house is located way out in the Canadian wilderness in a small town of roughly 8,000 people.

But it”s not like the family is trying to get off the grid — the family name is plastered right on the mailbox.