Justin Bieber Hopes for "Marriage and a Family" While He's Still Young

Justin Bieber Hopes for

Surely making ladies everywhere swoon in excitement, Justin Bieber opened up about his future and his hopes for marriage in US Weekly”s new bookazine.

On newsstands now, the 19-year-old “Baby” crooner looks all grown up as he poses shirtless and dishes on his anticipation of “getting married and starting a family” while he”s still young.

“My grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale [are my relationship role models,” the Biebs explained. “They love each other so much, after so many years! When I”m their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his.”

As for when the romance doesn”t work out as planned, Justin says make the best of it, “As long as people are kind to each other during a breakup, there is no reason they can”t be friends.”

Although Bieber has surely experienced love in his young years, he says that “a lot of people give me relationship advice.” So just what are the best words of wisdom he has received so far “Be patient and listen,” he says. “I”m still growing. I”m trying to be a better person every day.”