Justin Bieber Drops Video During Failed Web Chat

Justin Bieber Drops Video During Failed Web Chat

Sticking it to the Grammy man (he was snubbed), Justin Bieber scheduled a live stream web chat with his fans last night (February 10).

However, it seems there were way too many Beliebers on the site, and the As Long As You Love Me singer wasnt able to get into the chat room himself.

Justin tweeted, livestream is over capacity [and is] not letting me in the room. Give me a second lol, after forty minutes of failed attempts.

And finally, Bieber realized it wasnt going to happen so he filmed a clip for his fans (sans shirt) to make up for the snafu- he even included a new track called You Want Me.

Justin stated, “It”s just not working. My fans are just overpopulating the sites and I just don”t think it”s going to work. So I”m just going to make a video and play some new music.”