Justin Bieber Date Night with Tyler, the Creator — Strawberry Milkshake for Two!

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Justin Bieber
and Tyler, the Creator got straight up romantic during a burger run in L.A. last night, splitting a strawberry milkshake while they enjoyed their 100% ground beef heart-stoppers.

The duo Instagrammed the photos today showing him and Tyler hitting up a Fatburger on Sunset around 3:30 AM, but we”ve learned exactly what they ordered … and it”s cuter than anything Justin ever ordered with Selena Gomez.

We”re told Biebs and Tyler got two burgers — one cheese no bacon, one cheese no pickles — and one order of skinny fries. (NOT FAT FRIES ARE YOU CRAZY)

But the adorable part … sources inside the restaurant tell us they also ordered one strawberry milkshake to split.

Don”t worry, ladies … we”re told they poured one shake into 2 cups (haha, 2 guys, 1 cup).

As for who paid … we”re workin” on it.