Justin Bieber Cheating on Selena Gomez with Mystery Girl, ‘Annie’ ?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Remember back in the day—circa last summer—when rumors of Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez were buzzing like flies around the Internet? Well, they’re ba-aack. Interestingly, the latest rumor suggests in coyly veiled, non-name-specific language that the Teen Dream has a temporary chick on the side. Furthermore, his side squeeze is temporary because Selena is reportedly dealing with some issues which have rendered her uninterested in sex. Oops. So he’s found a stand-in to fulfill his needs until his lady-love returns to normal.
A popular Justin Bieber fan site recently reported a rumor running rampant online about an ” A-list boyish singer” and a “B-list actress/singer” who are having problems in their relationsip. Admittedly, the troubled couple’s description fits Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to a tee.

“This A-list boyish singer is having some relationship difficulties right now,” tattles the source. “Turns out that his B-list actress/singer girlfriend had more on her mind than just having sex the past two weeks and he just does not get it. So, he has quietly found someone else until his girlfriend is ready to resume.”

Yikes. Although, the source cannot verify or even recall the girlfriend’s name (possibly Annie, or something beginning with an “A”), the couple’s description certainly sounds a lot like Jelena. Predictably, most fans dismissed the rumor is just that—a rumor.

“This is not true,” wrote one outraged belieber. “Selena and Justin are both virgins. They promised they’re gonna wait until marriage. Justin…would never lie to us fans.”

Other beliebers weren’t so sure.

“HA! You’re still living in THAT fantasy?” scoffed a more cynical fan. “They haven’t had sex? Whatever helps you sleep at night”

And of course, haters blamed the whole thing on La Gomez:

“If anything,” sneered a jealous belieber, “Selena would be the one to cheat on Justin.”

Astonishingly, one intelligent belieber put the whole thing in perspective on a multiplicity of levels:

“This does not prove anything first off,” she wrote. “Second, it is possible to be moral and strict about your morals, yet have sex. Sex is not a bad thing. That doesn’t mean people who have sex are wh***s, sl**s, or bad. It also doesn’t mean that people who abstain are bad, prudes, uptight, or perfect. There’s a saying…, ‘Having sex doesn’t make you a wh***, just like being a virgin doesn’t make you a saint.’ … whatever someone chooses is best for them does not make them an immoral or bad person.”

Bravo, you smart, non-judgemental little belieber.

But back to the rumor. Is it just a rumor? Is it even aimed at the Biebs? And least important of all, are Justin and Selena both still virgins? Although Justin is obviously a hormonally driven teenage guy, it’s highly unlikely that he would risk his reputation as a perfect teen role model for a two-week roll in the hay with anonymous Annie. On the other hand, to a teen, two weeks without sex must seem like two years. It has also been rumored that reports of the Baby singer’s cheating sexcapades first appeared online when Jelena was in Mexico. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they were having sex. And didn’t Selena Gomez bring along several girlfriends on that trip? Could one of them be the mystery girl? One of Selena’s gal pals has a name beginning with an “A”— Ashley Benson.

Alas, speculation is not only easy, it just leads to more of the same. Only time will tell the truth. Or Gossip Cop.

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