Justin Bieber — Bodyguards Accused of Battery … Yes, Again

Exclusive 0605_justin_bieber_tmz_2Justin Bieber“s bodyguards are under investigation YET AGAIN for allegedly roughing up someone who was trying to take his picture … our sources has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell our sources … Bieber and co. were at a hooka lounge in Hollywood when someone — not a paparazzo, just a regular person — tried to snap a pic of the Biebs. We”re told one of Bieber”s bodyguards tried to stop the person from taking pics and some sort of scruffle ensued. 

The would-be-photog eventually called police, but when cops arrived on the scene … Bieber and co. were gone.

We”re told cops have opened a misdemeanor battery investigation. Bieber is not considered a suspect and it”s unclear what role (if any) he played in the incident.

Bieber and his bodyguards were accused of three similar incidents in Miami just this week alone. In one of the incidents, Bieber directed his crew to try and steal the guy”s camera.