Justin Bieber: Beauties and a Brawl in the Hamptons

Justin Bieber: Beauties and a Brawl in the Hamptons

He”s been the target of plenty of tabloid scandals as of late, and now Justin Bieber is at the center of another headline involving a bar brawl in The Hamptons.

According to reports, the “Beauty and a Beat” crooner”s bodyguards were involved in a physical altercation at Southampton”s South Pointe, after a male club patron came to close to the Biebs” vehicle.

Allegedly, Justin was attempting to bring home two waitresses from the bar, 32-year-old Sophia Rayo and 24-year-old Diana Bhoksaub, when the male approached the car to get a bow tie back from one of the young women.

Angry at the proximity of the young man to Bieber, the bodyguards supposedly went after 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls, leaving him with bruised ribs and a black eye.

Law enforcement officials who spoke with [email protected] say, It will likely turn out that Rennalls instigated the fight. One of Justins bodyguards was also injured in the confrontation, which has not been reported.