Justin Bieber Auctions Boa Constrictor for Charity

Justin Bieber with his pet snake
Justin Bieber is giving away his baby boa constrictor to the highest bidder – all in the name of charity.

Bieber introduced Johnson the snake on the MTV Video Music Awards black carpet in August and is now putting the peach-colored reptile on charity auction site charitybuzz.com, with an estimated value of $1,000.

Money generated from the sale of the slithering creature will benefit Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit group that has built more than 30 schools around the world.

Bieber held the tiny reptile in his hand at the VMAs this summer but bidders should know that Johnson will definitely grow over time. “It”ll get, like, four feet. It”s gonna get big,” Bieber told EW. According to charitybuzz.com, the winning bidder will be screened upon the close of the auction, which runs through Nov. 29.

Justin Bieber Auctions Boa Constrictor for Charity| Stars and Pets, Justin Bieber