Justin Bieber: Anne Frank House Hooligan

Justin Bieber: Anne Frank House Hooligan

Getting even more attention for all the wrong reasons, Justin Bieber paid a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands last week.

And after his entry in the guest book was posted on the internet, the Never Say Never singer received all kinds of flack.

Bieber wrote that he hoped Frank would have been a Belieber, and over 2,000 folks commented on the post, mostly calling his words disrespectful, ignorant, and self-serving.

However, the Anne Frank House workers tried to cover Justins butt by posting the following statement- The Anne Frank House was pleased to welcome Justin Bieber to the Anne Frank House last Friday. We think it is very positive that he took the time and effort to visit our museum.

He was very interested in the story of Anne Frank and stayed for over an hour. We hope that his visit will inspire his fans to learn more about her life and hopefully read the diary.

Additionally, new photos of Bieber and a friend boxing in the basement of the historical site just surfaced, so hes sure to get further backlash!