Justin Bieber Angers Fans with his Tardiness

Justin Bieber Angers Fans with his Tardiness

Eager Beliebers had to wait an extra two hours to hear their favorite singer, as Justin Bieber took the stage late for a concert on Monday (March 4) in London.

Held at the O2 Arena, the doors opened for the show at 6:30, and the Biebs was supposed to begin at 8:30, but he did not come on until 10:30, angering some in the crowd.

Many of the 19-year-olds fans booed him when he finally made his appearance, and the younger ones in the crowd had to leave early to get home on a school night.

One concertgoer reported that people were falling asleep and some were crying when they had to go after only a few songs.

“Lots of unhappy parents on a school night, but feel sorry for little kids crying because they missed half concert,” one fan tweeted. “Was good though.”

No comment was issued by the Bieber camp, but a show insider said the evening didnt unfold quite the way it was reported, “This is not true. He was not supposed to go on until 9:30 and he went on just after 10. He was not two hours late. There was no booing.”