Justin Bieber Accuser Still Wants DNA Test, Says New Lawyer

Justin Bieber  and Mariah Yeater
With her paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber reportedly dropped, Mariah Yeater now is trying to pursue her claim out of court.

“This matter is not over,” Jeffery M. Leving, who says he”s one of Yeater”s new lawyers, tells WGN-TV in Chicago. “Negotiations are going on right now with Bieber”s counsel. There”s a new legal team [in place.]”

Yeater, 20, still “believes Justin Bieber is the father,” he adds. “We”re trying to secure a private DNA test, because this case is out of control.”

Leving adds that Yeater has been receiving death threats and that he fears for her safety. “I don”t want something terrible to happen to my client or her child,” Leving says.

“My goal, when a DNA test is completed, is to keep everything confidential, which will be difficult if not impossible,” he says. “I”m very concerned about this.”

Bieber”s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik has not commented specifically on the reported withdrawal of the case but says, “As we”ve said from the beginning, it”s sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We”ll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.”