Justin Bieber — Accused of Nightclub Attack … Over Hip-Hop Request

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Justin Bieber is being accused of taking a “cheap shot” at popular DJ Michael Woods” manager this week in South Korea — but we”re told that just ain”t true … not exactly, anyway.

Woods unloaded this morning on Twitter claiming Biebs “muscled” his way into the DJ booth Thursday night and requested he play hip hop music … but when he told Justin to “f**k off and put some clothes on” Bieber attacked his manager.

However … the party”s host Ben Baller tells us Woods is blowing the whole thing WAY out of proportion — and claims not one sucker punch was thrown.

Baller admits Biebs and Woods did have a heated exchange over the music — but is adamant things were squashed before anything got physical.

For what it”s worth … Bieber got behind the turntables once Woods wrapped his set and played some hip hop.

Bieber gets what Bieber wants.