Justin Bieber 911 Call — Photographer: ‘I’m Really Scared’ of His Bodyguards

Exclusive 062813_beiber_911_launch
One of 2 photographers Justin Bieber and his bodyguards allegedly attacked in Miami was so terrified he fled the scene of the incident … before calling 911 in a panic.

our sources obtained the call, and on it you can hear the guy yell … “They just took my memory card from my camera!”

When the operator asks who took it, he replies “Justin Bieber”s people.”

As we previously reported, the alleged theft went down on June 5 outside the Hit Factory recording studio — and when the operator asks for the studio”s address … the paparazzo says, “I”m no longer there. I left because I”m really scared.”

Listen to the call … the pap also sounds panicked about someone stealing his keys.

The other pap who was allegedly attacked is suing Bieber.