‘Justified’ Stuntwoman Sues — The Show Wrecked My Body … and My Marriage

Exclusive 0201-justified-article
A stuntwoman who was severely injured during an accident on the set of “Justified” is suing producers … claiming they are responsible for her broken bones … and her broken marriage.

our sources has obtained a lawsuit filed by Lisa Hoyle — who claims that during a stunt for the show in 2011, a vehicle on the set smashed into a parked car … which ran over her ankle and sent her crashing into the ground.

Lisa claims she lost consciousness and suffered an open head fracture, soft-tissue injuries, bruising and lacerations.

In her suit, Lisa claims she was never informed the parked car was part of the stunt … because the stunt coordinator held a meeting about the stunt while she was out getting a snack.

And if the injuries weren”t bad enough, Lisa and her husband claim their “marital relations” deteriorated because of the accident … and they separated as a result.

Both Lisa and her husband are seeking unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the “Justified” people.