Julie Bowen Covers Lucky April 2013

Julie Bowen Covers Lucky April 2013

Stepping away from the set of her hit ABC series “Modern Family,” Julie Bowen rocks the cover of Lucky”s April 2013 issue.

The 43-year-old actress looked picture-perfect in designer duds from Gucci and BCBG for the Ruven Afandor-shot front page while chatting about changing her sense of style.

“It took me forever to invest in new shoe booties. I had all these pairs from the “90s and all the other shoes in my closet were point at them and laughing,” she admits, giggling at the very thought.

Also confessing that she has had a little help with her transformation, the 43-year-old actress explains, “It was a big evolution in style for to grow up and say, “I need to take fashion seriously for my job.” I have a stylist now, and she”s trying to get me to wear more revealing stuff.”

Not afraid to share her fashion guru, Ms. Bowen says, “[My stylist is] Kristen Stewart”s stylist. I go there and see all this amazing funky stuff, and I know it”s for her. If I get K-Stew”s castoffs, that”s all right with me.”