Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz Star in "Carrie" Trailer: Watch Here!

Julianne Moore and Chloe Moretz Star in

Giving eager movie goers even more to look forward to, Sony”s Screen Gems released the trailer for “Carrie” on Thursday (April 4).

In the new clip, fans get their first chance to see Chloe Moretz star as high school outcast, Carrie, while Julianne Moore nails the part as the young girl”s terrifying mother.

In the Kimberly Peirce directed horror flick, a sheltered high school girl unleashes her newly developed telekinetic powers after she is pushed too far by her peers.

The film, which is based off of Stephen King”s best-selling iconic novel, is set for release on October 18. Check out the cringe-worthy video in the player below.