Julianne Hough"s "Babies" Make Her Laugh Every Day

Julianne Hough with her dogs
What gives Julianne Hough the giggles

Two adorable furballs that follow her wherever she goes: her dogs, Lexi and Harley. And since the Cavalier King Charles spaniels are always around, there”s reason for Hough to smile “every day.”

“They just make me laugh,” the dancer-actress told PEOPLE at a new beachside shoot for Proactiv in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “Today, they made me laugh. They”ve never really been on the beach, and they were rolling around and playing. We were all cracking up. It was great.”

Hough, who does an “utterly great” impression of Harley, is the kind of dog mom who throws birthday parties for her pups, and she”s looking forward to pampering them even more than usual during the holiday season. They, along with Hough”s sister”s dogs, will be getting presents this December – and why not “They”re my kids,” she said. “They”re my babies.”

Lexi, 3, and Harley, almost 1, are best friends, but they have distinctly different personalities.

“Harley looks up so much to Lexi, it”s ridiculous,” Hough said. “Lexi”s the little princess who just wants to please, and Harley”s the little devil. They”re great.”

Julianne Hough's 'Babies' Make Her Laugh Every Day| Stars and Pets, Dogs, Julianne Hough

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