Julianne Hough: Workout Woman in LA

Julianne Hough: Workout Woman in LA

Dedicated to staying in top physical shape, Julianne Hough headed over to a fitness center in Los Angeles this morning (May 28).

The Footloose flirt looked pretty worn out as she exited the Tracy Anderson Gym following a tough regimen of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

And though she has starred in a handful of films, Julianne told press that Safe Haven was a big deal because it was the first one where she couldnt rely on performance skills to get by.

Hough explained, “I left the dancing and the singing outside. I was really just blown away and blessed that I got this opportunity because my whole life I wanted to just entertain — sing, dance and act — and the fact that I got the opportunity to do that was huge.

“For me, it was going to an acting coach and getting, I guess, more training. So I got to put my trust in him. The role was definitely a lot more heartfelt and personal.”