Julianne Hough Steps Out for Sushi

Julianne Hough Steps Out for Sushi

Looking to satisfy her growling tummy, Julianne Hough hit up Yojisan sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills last night (October 22).

The Safe Haven stunner was joined by a friend as she exited the eatery and shielded her eyes from the flashbulbs of the paparazzi.

In a recent interview, Julianne confessed that due to her religious upbringing, she was in for quite a shock when she first visited her brother Derek Hough in London years ago.

“There were people smoking everywhere, and I was like, “This isn”t against the law” I thought it was against the law. So smoking. I had never even touched a cigarette, or touched a pack of cigarettes.”

And there were different kinds of alcohol. I thought alcohol was just one thing, which is kind of naïve. “Wait, what I didn”t even know this existed! I didn”t know there was such a thing as lingerie and sex stores and stuff like that. Not that I ever went into them, but in London, they”re everywhere.”