Julianne Hough Drops By ??Chelsea Lately?

Julianne Hough Drops By ??Chelsea Lately?

Stepping out for some media duties, Julianne Hough paid a visit to Chelsea Lately to promote her new movie Safe Haven last night (February 14).

The Rock of Ages hottie looked adorable as she chatted with Chelsea Handler about her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

Handler asked Hough if she ever looked at her Safe Haven costar Josh Duhamel and thought he looked like Ryan. And of course, Julianne replied, No, actually. And Im okay with that. But yeah he apparently gets that a lot.

And it sounds like Miss Hough prefers a more rugged look on her American Idol host beau. When we are on vacation or a weekend, I actually make him grow his beard out because I think its really sexy.

As for how they met, Julianne shared, We used to actually pass each other in the [studio] hall because American Idol and Dancing with the Stars were across the hall from each other. And I used to go on his [radio] show and he used to interview me. And he would actually call me Future Mrs. Seacrest. And my dad would actually be listening to the radio show and be like, You know hes talking about you, and Im like, I dont wake up that early. Im so sorry.