Judge to Kim Kardashian — Put Divorce Ahead Of Your Perfume

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Kim Kardashian“s gonna think this stinks, but a judge is forcing her to bypass a perfume event to attend the start of her divorce trial … our sources has learned.

According to court docs … Kim wanted to move up the date for her long-overdue court showdown with estranged husband Kris Humphries — because she had a previously scheduled work event in NYC.

We”re told the event is a launch for a new fragrance.

The trial is set to begin on May 6, but Kim had filed a request for it to begin on May 3 — a move KHump said didn”t work for his calendar.

Ultimately, the judge turned down Kim”s request, so … perfume will have to wait.

Kim and Kris” attorneys are scheduled to meet next week to take one last stab at a settlement before going to trial.

Don”t hold your breath.