Judge Rips Kris Humphries New A-Hole for Being No-Show

Exclusive 0412-kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-tmz
If Kris Humphries were listening closely from New York, he could have heard a California judge screaming at his lawyer in court — because Kris blew off a mandatory court appearance — and it”s worse than we first thought.

As we reported … the settlement conference was scheduled for 8:30 AM today, but sources connected with Kris told our sources … he was stuck in New York.  We”re told in court today … Judge Goldberg went nuclear, saying Kris could have caught a flight and he mocked and disrespected the court.

Judge Goldberg was so pissed … he set a sanction hearing — meaning Kris will be hit with fines for being a no show.

There was obviously no settlement reached today … We”re told both Kim and Kris must appear on the 19th for a pre-trial readiness/settlement conference.  Kris better show.

Kim, on the other hand, was in court … she answered all the judge”s questions.  Score one for the Kardashian.