Judge Judy Lawsuit — I’ve Been Jacked on the Internet!

Exclusive 1017-judge-judy-tmzThe people who bring you “Judge Judy” have just filed a lawsuit, claiming evildoers have been posting episodes of her show on YouTube … and now she wants a non-TV judge to lay down the law.

Judy has the most popular show in daytime … it”s been that way for 3 years, since Oprah said bye bye.  Here”s how big — 9 million daily viewers.

The company that produces the show — Big Ticket Television — gets an enormous amount of money for the show, so the idea that someone is stealing it and not paying a dime has them royally pissed off.

As for the culprit — his name is Ignacio De Los Angeles.  Ignacio dared to post an episode from 2006 on YouTube.  Big Ticket told him to take it down, but Ignacio ignored. 

Big Ticket wants the judge to use a can of whoopass on Ignacio, Judge Judy style.