Joy Behar on Jenny McCarthy: I Heard She Loves Beef Injections!

Joy Behar on Jenny McCarthy: I Heard She Loves Beef Injections!

Shes never been one to bite her tongue, and it seems Joy Behar”s outspoken nature almost landed her in the unemployment line a few years back.

During her interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the animated TV personality confessed that Barbara Walters almost fired her when she mistakenly told Entertainment Tonight about the addition of Rosie ODonnell to the panel seven years ago.

Behar explained, “You ever feel like youre going to have a heart attack she asked, before recreating the phone call she received from Walters. Hello, Joy Its Barbara. And I just want you to know Im not renewing your contract. It was a big mistake! I”m not renewing your contract!”

Fortunately for Joy, she was able to grovel enough to keep her gig, though that didnt stop her from causing chaos in subsequent seasons.

“I got in trouble a lot. I mean, people don”t know how much trouble I got into,” Behar added, recalling an incident in which she joked about Donald Trumps hair. The comment was met with an angry letter from The Donalds people.

“[The letter read], Trump is livid about the comment Joy made on air yesterday. He does not wear a wig. She can come over to the office and pull it and see for herself that it won”t come off. People over there need to check their facts before running their mouths.””

As for her replacement, Joy had a few words about Jenny McCarthy. “Jenny”s good. Jenny McCarthy, lovely girl. Very controversial. She”s against inoculations. But she loves a beef injection, I heard!”