Josh Hutcherson??s ??Hunger Games? Man Crush: Lenny Kravitz!

Josh Hutcherson??s ??Hunger Games? Man Crush: Lenny Kravitz!

Hes been a rock star since the late 1980s, so its no wonder Lenny Kravitz has caught the attention of Josh Hutcherson.

In a new interview, the Peeta actor confessed that if he had to choose a dude for a hypothetical Hunger Games: Catching Fire gay crush, the Are You Gonna Go My Way singer would beat Liam Hemsworth.

Hutcherson explained, “They”re so different. I”d probably say Lenny. Only because, like, the cool, like, artist kind of thing. And he”s just rock and roll through and through. That is just … he”s got it goin” on.”

Josh told Out magazine that though hes currently heterosexual, hed never rule anything out completely. I would probably list myself as mostly straight. Maybe I could say right now Im 100 [percent] straight. But who knows In a f–king year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, Im attracted to this person. … I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100 [percent] anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.

As for his Straight But Not Narrow organization, Hutcherson noted, “A lot of my focus is on equality for gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual communities, because I think everyone is a human being and deserves the right to be treated equally. The fight for equal rights for gay or straight people is the same as the fight for womens rights to vote and the fight against racism.”