Josh Brolin — Late Night Rage at Cab Driver in Del Taco Drive-Thru

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A bouncer wasn”t the only person Josh Brolin unleashed his wrath on this weekend — our sources has video of the actor going OFF on a taxi driver after rear-ending a cab … and this time, there was no hugging it out.

The person who shot the video says this altercation went down at a Los Angeles Del Taco drive-thru, some time after midnight Friday morning — and shortly before Josh fought a bouncer in Santa Monica.

We”re told Josh rear-ended the cab while waiting in line to pay at the drive-thru, but when the cabbie tried to swap insurance info … J.B. got pissed and yelled that there was only a minor scratch.

The cabbie didn”t agree and that”s when Josh really got angry … screaming, “you suck as a cab driver” — and accusing the guy of milking him for money.

We”re told Brolin took off when the cab driver pulled forward to clear the drive-thru lane.

Brolin could be on the hook for hit-and-run, but as far as we can tell … the cab driver has yet to file a police report.

If you”re keeping score at home — that”s 2 incidents in one night that could have ended with Brolin in handcuffs.