Josh Brolin — Drunken Bar Fight … Before Hugging It Out

Exclusive 1102-josh-brolin-tmz-fight
Josh Brolin has 2 things down — fighting, and making-up … and he did both in the most entertaining bar fight we”ve seen all year.

It”s 2 AM Friday.  The bouncers at O”Briens Irsh Pub in Santa Monica were closing up, but a VERY drunken Josh wasn”t ready to call it a night.  One of the bouncers maneuvered Barbara Streisand”s stepson outside, but Josh wasn”t having it … and that”s when the fun began.

Slosh was not exactly in top fighting form.  You see his arms flail but few punches connect.

As you probably know, this isn”t Josh”s first bar fight.  He famously got arrested in Shreveport, LA outside a bar while shooting a movie.  He was also busted on Jan 1, 2013 for public intoxication.

The bouncer tricked Josh into believing that they had been hugging earlier, and that”s when the fight turned into one, gigantic bear hug.

The bouncer attempts to hail a cab for the 47-year-old actor, but the video ends as Josh breaks loose and runs into the sunset.

The end.