Josh Altman Talks New Season of ??Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Josh Altman Talks New Season of ??Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Hes one of the hottest real estate agents in the industry, and Josh Altman cant wait for fans to feast their eyes on the new drama-filled season of his hit Bravo show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

In a recent interview, the reality television realtor noted that things are a bit different this time around- This season is the first season in a few years that the market is absolutely on fire. In the past season you have seen us grow out of a struggling market, now you get to see the reward of a hot market, low inventory and major competition. Also whats great about this season is the personal relationships outside of real estate that are evolving for all of us. For me, you get to see more of 2 very important people in my life. Matt my brother and Heather my better half and the way we all interact on many different levels.

Josh also confessed that hes finally oblivious to the presence of the TV film crew- At his point, I dont even see the cameras anymore. We are extremely comfortable with them around as its almost been 3 years non-stop with them in our lives. We just do what we do and they take the most interesting parts.were not that interesting.

When it comes to drumming up business, Altman stated that he doesnt rely on his newfound fame to seal the deal. It all depends how you use it. The way that we approach listings and clients it only helps. But we never lead with the show. We got to where we are by working hard and would be here with or without the show. The show is just a bonus that people love to talk about and some love to be on.

And Joshs clientele has become even more exclusive as the show has progressed. We deal with everyone from heads of states to Hollywood royalty. Some of the wealthiest clients in the world below the radar to high profile movie stars, athletes, and CEOs. I typically love dealing with professional athletes as I get to live vicariously through them as everyone has the dream at one point to be a world famous athlete.especially the European soccer players for me.