Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks "Don Jon" in British Esquire December 2013

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks

He played a porn addict in his hit film “Don Jon” and now Joseph Gordon-Levitt reveals his thoughts about the adult film industry in the December 2013 issue of British Esquire.

During his interview with the publication, the 32-year-old actor/director discusses his new film, including how he learned to find humor behind the obsessive addiction.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Gordon-Levitt”s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to visit British Esquire!

On writing the porno comedy:
“Pornography is the most extreme example of objectification, the way that we turn sex into this object, [which] happens throughout our relationships with media. They are selling you an over-simplified fantasy and we consume it because that kind of simplicity is appealing.”

On Jon”s girlfriend:
“Barbara has learned about sex through Hollywood movies in an equivalent way to how Jon has learned about sex through pornography. I am making a comparison between pornography and the rest of our media, even perfectly mainstream stuff.”

On bulking up for the film:
“I definitely didn”t [enjoy bulking up]. It was really good research getting into that character head space, being so into your appearance and working so hard on it. It”s not even that healthy, bodybuilding. I was eating multiple pounds of meat, chicken and fish every day. That”s too much meat. I don”t think it”s great for your heart, but it does make you big.”

On items he wastes his time on:
“Man, these days I work pretty much all the time. I”m glad to do it. I wouldn”t necessarily say it”s a balanced life. I don”t think I can keep it up at this rate forever but I”m having a good time.”