Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Relationships: "No Person is Going to Fit Into a Quantified List"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Relationships:

He plays a young man obsessed with pornography in “Don Jon,” but it turns out Joseph Gordon-Levitt has some pretty practical dating advice.

In an interview with “Take Part Live,” the 32-year-old director and star of the film talks about keeping expectations realistic in relationships.

Noting that neither pornography nor rom-coms are reality, Jo-Go shares, “If you”re constantly comparing your real life to something you see on the screen, you”re always gonna be disappointed because real life is not as simple as that. I think real life is a lot more beautiful.”

Later, he added, “People often times have wish lists like a check list of well hes gotta be this or shes gotta have that Those are doomed because you”re guaranteed to not be paying attention to the actual person. No person is going to fit into a quantified list.” Check out the interview in the player below.