Joseph Gordon-Levitt Drops By ??Don Jon??s Addiction? Photocall in Berlin

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Drops By ??Don Jon??s Addiction? Photocall in Berlin

Showing some love to his German fans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed up at a photocall for his new film Don Jons Addiction in Berlin this morning (February 8).

The Dark Knight Rises hunk was joined by producer Ram Bergmann as he posed for the shutterbugs as part of the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Joseph is both the star and director for Don Jons Addiction, a film about the porn-addled male brain that had everybody talking at the Sundance Film Festival last month.

Of the project, JGL explained, I wanted to tell kind of a love story, and what Ive noticed is when it comes to sex, people objectify each other. It becomes this thing, this object of consumption and acquisition, and I think both males and females do it.

I felt that having a story that was centered around a woman who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies and a young man who watches too much pornography would be a really hilarious way to get at this theme of objectification. We learn to objectify things and each other from all sorts of places. We learn it from our family, we learn it from friends, we get it from church, and we also learn it from different kinds of media. And that fascinates me.