Jose Canseco — Flirty Picture w/ Rape Accuser … Hours Before Alleged Incident

Exclusive 0522-jose-canseco-tmz-2013

Just hours before Jose Canseco allegedly committed rape … the alleged victim posed for a very flirty pic with J.C. in a Vegas casino and joked that they had just gotten married, our sources has learned.

The pic was taken on the floor of the MGM Casino at 2:51 AM on May 10 — with the woman cozying up for a couply shot with Jose … with her open right hand placed on the center of his exposed chest.

The person who took the photo says he”s a huge Canseco fan (apparently those still exist) … and had recognized Jose strolling around the casino with a female companion.

The fan asked Jose if he could snap a shot — and Jose obliged, striking a pose with the woman while she giggled and told the photog she and Jose had just tied the knot.

For the record — we”ve done some digging, but couldn”t find any proof of a Canseco marriage.

The photog told us the two seemed happy … no signs of distress.

Of course, things changed — “cause the woman reportedly told police Jose drugged and raped her later that day.

Jose has denied the allegations — claiming his accuser is making up the story for publicity.