Jordana Brewster to Star in "American Heist"

Jordana Brewster to Star in

Staying in shape as she prepares for an upcoming film role, Jordana Brewster headed to a West Hollywood gym for a workout on Thursday (July 25).

Announced on Monday, the “Dallas” star will tackle a role in the indie thriller “American Heist” along with Oscar winner Adrien Brody.Shot in New Orleans, the pair join actor Hayden Christensen and rapper Akon in the star-studded cast.

Directed by Sarik Andreasyan, “American Heist” is a remake of the 1959 Steve McQueen crime drama “The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery.”

The story follows two brothers with checkered pasts; one is struggling to stay straight, the other gets out of prison and drags his sibling into an ill-fated bank robbery spearheaded by a gang of dangerous criminals. In the process, their brotherly bond is tested. With a$10 million budget, production is expected to wrap in mid-July.