Jonathan Taylor Thomas — HEARTTHROB SURFACES … Uses Hunky Mouth to Speak Words

Exclusive 081513_jtt_launch_v3O.M.G. … It”s J.T.T. in L.A. … AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

14 years after “Home Improvement” went off the air, our sources spotted the elusive Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood … as dreamboaty as ever.

Despite being mesmerized by his sparkling blue eyes … we managed to compose ourselves for just enough time to fire off some questions about the “Lion King.” Ugh, we”re soooo stupid.

Of course, the hunky 31-year-old … who once graced every single teen magazine from “Tiger Beat” to “16” to “J-14” to “Bop” … answered our dumb questions and even cracked that adorbs smile.

He”s so much hotter than Devon Sawa!!