Jonas Brothers Talk Gay Rumors & Miley Cyrus in Out November 2013

Jonas Brothers Talk Gay Rumors & Miley Cyrus in Out November 2013

For years they have faced rumors regarding their sexualities, and now Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas clear the air in the November 2013 issue of Out magazine.

During their interview, the brothers chatted about the gay speculations and even reveal their thoughts about Miley Cyrus” infamous VMA performance.

Check out a few highlights from the Jonas Brothers” interview below. For more, be sure to visit Out!

On Miley at the VMAs:
“It wasn”t my favorite performance of hers. I think that there”s one way of saying you”ve grown up, and there”s another way – I think that”s her way. Look, people are talking about, so I think it”s working for what she wants.”

On being called gay:
“We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans. It”s a boy band stereotype; people assume, but we don”t take offense. [Being in Out] is a moment for us for sure. We keep saying, “Well, it”s about time.””

On focusing on solo projects:
“For seven years, it was nonstop. We had moments where we got frustrated with one another and we really just needed time alone. You can imagine what it”s like for a band to be together all the time, but imagine if they”re family, too. Taking that break was so nice because we worked our a**es off, but we did things for ourselves. Then, we came back at the right time to do this all over again.”

On Miley:
“She”s smart. She”s very smart. We”ve always known that about her. She”ll always be successful.”

On dealing with gay gossip:
“Prior to us being a band, I was a super theater geek. I loved theater and I still do, and I care about fashion, and I care about a lot of things that I feel like stereotypes are attached to.”

On twerking:
“I”m against it. I”ve just reached my limit. It”s just done. It”s too much.”