Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Demands a Substantially Higher Child Support Check

Jon Cryer's Ex-Wife Demands a Substantially Higher Child Support Check

They ended their marriage nearly a decade ago, but that hasn”t stopped Jon Cryer”s ex-wife Sarah Trigger from demanding more money for their son.

The now unemployed British actress” lawyer told the Daily News that she asked for an increase of her $8,000-a-month child support to $88,000-a-month claiming that it”s only fair after the”Two and a Half Men” star agreed to give her 50-perfect custody last June.

“It”s not that she wants this for herself. The child is 13-years-old right now, and you have one parent earning an extraordinary income and the other parent with a normal income, and at that age, children are able to recognize who”s able to provide what,” Sarah”s lawyer Keith Simpson proclaimed on Friday (October 25).

He continued, “The reality is that when the child is with his father, he”s able to compete on a level playing with his peers, and when he”s with his mother, he”s not.”

Their son is currently attending Buckley School in Sherman Oaks. According to Miss Trigger”s new court filing, which was obtained by TMZ, she stated that Buckley students go on “exotic vacations” in the summer and winter (to destinations) like Europe and Thailand.

She also added that they have over-the-top birthday parties at expensive places like Sky High Sports and “invite the whole class.”

“The child needs to be able to compete with his peers 100 percent of the time, and that means mom being able to afford to buy the things his peers receive,” Mr. Simpson explained. “I don”t think it”s really healthy for there to be such a disparity. This is really about the child”s best interest.