Jon ‘Bones’ Jones — Crutchin’ for BBQ … After Gruesome Toe Injury

Exclusive 043013_jon_jones_launchHe may have a cracked toe … a disgusting, bloody, broken toe … but Jon “Bones” Jones stomached the pain last night and crutched out for some delicious BBQ in NYC.

In case you haven”t seen the injury — don”t, it”s gross — but Jones exploded his little piggy during his UFC 159 beatdown of Chael Sonnen this weekend … and now, he”s gotta use crutches to get around.

In fact, Jones felt healthy enough to venture out to Dallas BBQ in Times Square … and told our sources he”s doing well and feels good.

Moments later, Jon hit up a street vendor for a bag of warm nuts … not that there”s anything wrong with that.