Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Hello Tokyo!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Hello Tokyo!

Showing some love to his Japanese fans, Johnny Depp arrived at Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Tuesday (July 16).

Joined by his girlfriend Amber Heard, the Donnie Brasco hunk traveled to the Land of the Rising Sun to promote his new movie The Lone Ranger, which incidentally isnt doing all that well at the box office.

However, in a recent interview, Johnny noted that hes not necessarily the natural choice for larger-than-life films, with the exception of his Jack Sparrow days.

“The films that I did prior to “Pirates,” … not everything but a lot of it, was sort of by industry standards, not blockbuster stuff. So I wasn”t ever blockbuster material.”

“I”ve been lucky enough to be involved in some very small and different independent films throughout my career and I”ve been able to be involved in, you know, a couple of films that shocked everybody, especially me.